Investment App

Radically Digital were hired to complete a a full discovery to research, uncover and design an investment app. The app aims targets customers who were traditionally underserved in this area and Radically Digital have since been re-engaged by the client to build the app.

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Designing a true MVP

Radically Digital are currently building a platform that connects in-house hiring managers with freelancers. The team are using an agile approach, creating an initial MVP, with plans to iterate based on user feedback.

Fliss' Kitchen

My sister, Fliss had always had a passion for all things food and cooking related. When Covid-19 forced many restaurants to close it's doors, she identified a gap in the market to start delivering healthy food to people's doorsteps. 

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UI Focus - TeamUp

With the learning experience becoming increasingly virtual as technology progresses and with Covid 19, students have less opportunity to interact in person. TeamUp wants to promote and aid on going interactions and collaboration between students.

Eco Builds

Eco Builds' goal is to connect experts in the eco home building space to homeowners and builders who are taking on their own ambitious building projects. 

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