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The client approached me looking for a story telling, bold, rebellious, immersive website for his new VC fund, No Label Ventures. No Label Ventures is a VC fund based in London and Paris, focused on investing in immigrant founders.  You can click on the button below to view the website


Design Lead, Frontend Software Engineer


December 2022 - January 2023


Figma, Figjam

The Challenge

No Label Ventures approached me looking for a unique, story telling, and highly interactive website. Making it their first launch into the world, they wanted something bold and powerful, which stood them apart from traditional VC funds.

No label Ventures screen
Workshop screenshot


I facilitated a 3 hour workshop with the client to fully understand their requirements. The workshop was essential for understanding who their users are, what were the client's goals for the website, defining the brand, and planning for launch. 

Understanding the users and their goals

Given the tight time frame we had to build and design the site, we had to limit our user research. During the workshop, we exracted from the client everything they knew about their audience, including who they were, what are the client's goals in relation to the user, and how could we make that happen. 

Discovery workshop
Workshop screnshot

Branding Direction

Part of the workshop focused on branding and design direction. We wanted to understand the inspiration behind the name from the founder. No label Ventures' goal is to be provocative and stir interest. The name also talks to the core ethos of the fund, backing those that don't want to be labelled, backing those outside the norm.  


Following the outcome of the initial workshop, I crafted two distinct mood boards for presentation. The feedback received during this phase served as a valuable guide, offering confirmation on the preferred design direction to pursue. This collaborative process not only ensured alignment with the client's vision but also provided clarity on the visual direction that resonated most effectively for the brand.

Moodboard option 1
Moodboard option 2

Creating a website with an engaging opening

Our aim was to create a striking and rebellious initial impression, instantly conveying the essence of No Label Ventures in a provocative manner. This approach was intended to deliver a bold and memorable introduction, leaving no ambiguity about the distinctive nature of the company's identity.

Story telling for a targeted message

In crafting the landing page, our emphasis centered on weaving a compelling narrative, strategically tailored to captivate our audience and secure their buy-in to our message. The intention was to present a thoughtful and engaging story that resonates with visitors.

Desktop screen
Desktop screen
Desktop screen
Desktop screen
Mobile mockup with screen

Making the vision come to life

I worked closely with engineering to breathe life into all interactions and animations. This cooperative approach ensured a seamless integration of design elements and functionalities, resulting in a dynamic and engaging user experience.

The client's experience

"Harriet exceeded all expectations in bringing my website vision to life!"

Harriet exceeded all expectations in bringing my website vision to life! From the start, she took the time to really understand what I wanted, put together and organised a great team, and kept things moving smoothly. She communicated clearly throughout the process, and delivered all of this within a tight time frame. If you are looking for top-notch design and execution, I can strongly recommend Harriet. 

Ramzi R

Founder & General Partner @ No Label Ventures

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to review my work. If you like what you see please don't hesitate to get in touch using my contact details below. You can explore more of my work below. 

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