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Get Hired:
The Ultimate Product Designer Job Course

A quick intro to Get Hired

Are you struggling to land  your first job in UX/UI Design?

 You've poured your heart and soul into mastering the craft, only to find yourself hitting roadblock after roadblock in your job search. It's disheartening, to say the least.

You're not alone - landing your first job can seem impossible at times. I know, as I have been there! But I am here to help.

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Introducing - Get Hired: The Ultimate Product Designer Job Course

This is your ticket to mastering the art of job interviews and securing that first dream job in UX/UI design.


The course has been meticulously designed to equip you with the skills, strategies, and confidence needed to ace every stage of the interview process. From refining your portfolio, crafting compelling case studies, to perfecting your resume, and honing your interview techniques, we prepare you for success.

But my mission doesn't stop at helping you land the interview – I am dedicated to helping you secure the job of your dreams. With my proven methodologies and expert guidance, you'll be empowered to ace those interviews, showcase your unique value proposition, and ultimately seal the deal!

Join the waitlist today to be the first to access this transformative course, and take the first step towards turning your aspirations into reality. 

If you want to be saying, "I got the job!" This course is for you.

What the course includes

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CV Writing

Learn how to craft a standout CV that effectively showcases your skills, experience, and achievements relevant to a career in UX/UI design.

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Interview Prep

I will empower you to confidently showcase your skills and experiences, positioning yourself as the perfect candidate for the job.

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Portfolio  Development

Master the art of creating a compelling portfolio that highlights your design projects, processes, and problem-solving abilities to potential employers.

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Systemised Application process

I'll guide you through a systematic approach to the job application process, keeping you motivated and focused on the path to securing your dream job.

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Case Study Creation

Create a case study based on a real life project, demonstrating your design thinking, problem-solving approach, and skills.

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Develop a winning mindset and overcome self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and other psychological barriers that may hinder your success in landing your dream job.

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Harriet Atherton

Hi, I'm Harriet, and I can completely relate to your situation right now. I quit my job in corporate banking and was set on becoming a UX/UI designer. I did my bootcamp, and then went through the gruelling journey of securing that first dream job.

During this search, there was a lot of doubt, uncertainty and fear. Had I made the right decision? Was I going to make it? Despite the overwhelming challenges and moments of self-doubt, I persevered. With over 100 plus applications, 8 interviews, 2 final rounds, and finally landed my dream job! Within a year at my job, I was promoted to Senior Designer. And after a year and a half working perm, I decided to make the jump, and created my own product design agency, Hunch.

In both design and life, I'm all about setting goals, taking on challenges, and reviling in the sweet satisfaction of conquering them. Anyone can make their dreams a reality with a bit of determination. And I'm here to help you land your first dream job as a UX/UI designer. 

Meet your course Instructor

The course format options

Working at Outdoor Cafe
Video content

You will be given video content, giving clear step by step directions on what you need to do to land a job in UX/UI design, with tasks to complete at the end of each section.

On a Video Call
Video content and 1-to-1 feedback sessions

Along with the video content, you can choose to have one-to-one feedback sessions with Harriet, where she will give you personalised feedback on the tasks you have completed.

Why this course if different

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​​Focused on one main goal - GET THAT JOB!

My course is centered around one primary objective: helping you land a job in UX/UI design. I cut through the noise to provide focused, step by step actionable guidance to achieve this goal efficiently.

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Option to receive 1-to-1 feedback

Receive personalised feedback tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you get the individualised support necessary for success.

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Instructor Expertise

Developed by someone who has navigated the job search process themselves and has experience on the other side of the hiring desk, my course offers insider insights and first hand knowledge to give you a competitive edge.

Real student feedback


Working with Harriet has been a transformative experience in my journey towards becoming a UX designer. From the onset, her insight, expertise, and mentorship have been unparalleled. Unlike the traditional paths I've tried, including a UX bootcamp, my time with Harriet proved to be exponentially more valuable. The personalised guidance and attention she provided helped me fast-track my career in ways I couldn't have imagined.

Liam Kelman, Student

Join waitlist

Sign up now for early access to course updates, enrollment details, and special offers. Plus, join our waitlist for a 10% discount on the course when you sign up. Take the first step towards your dream job in UX/UI design!

Thanks for joining!

Get Hired:
The Ultimate Product Designer Job Course


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