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Radically Digital are currently building Effortless Works, a platform that connects in-house hiring managers directly with freelancers. I am the third consecutive designer to work on the project, with my focus being on refining designs to create an MVP. I took approximately one week with two rounds of design feedback comments to complete designs for the MVP.


Radically Digital - Product Lead, Developers and Design Lead.


1 week


Sketch, Invision, Jira, Miro.

The Challenge

Effortless Works aims to connect hiring managers directly to freelancers, cutting out the middle man and promoting a natural conversation over positions versus traditional job applications. Assumptions around the value proposition are yet to be tested and we still need to identify the market fit. The team are taking a true agile approach, building the product iteratively, using user feedback to shape the future product. As the designer, my focus will be on creating a product that is feasible, viable and desirable. My goal is to simplify the product to reduce complexity, whilst ensuring that the features being built still bring value to the user and in the long term is a  revenue generating  product for the business.

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Creating a Minimum Viable Product

To create a true MVP, we wanted to design and build a product with enough features to attract early adopter users,  minimise build complexity and remain user-centric. From the initial release, the team would continue to iterate based on user feedback. Features were created based on the perspective of two users, the freelancer and the hiring manager. For the first release, a freelancer would be able to sign up to the platform, create their profile that includes uploading CV, adding skills and contact details. Freelancer's would also be able to view a list of jobs and job descriptions. From a hiring manager's perspective, they would need to be able to sign up to the platform, create a profile that includes company and contact details, create a job posting, view a list of candidates and download their CVs.

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Simplifying the Information Architecture

In line with simplifying the product, we focused on simplifying the information architecture, removing sections of the platform and features that wouldn't be included in the initial release. Then we developed the information architecture from the perspective of the freelancer and the perspective of the hiring manager.


Screenshot 2021-05-17 at 09.33.28.png



Screenshot 2021-05-16 at 18.20.34.png

Hiring Manager

Screenshot 2021-05-16 at 18.20.47.png
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Responsive Screen Designs

Next Steps

M -MVP Homepage.png
D- MVP - Freelancer Home.png
D-MVP- Freelancer - profile ad
M - MVP-freelancer-My profile complete.p
M -MVP- HM active job.png

Once a freelancer has signed up, they would see the home page. A key business goal would be for freelancers to finish creating their profile, so we added a prompt to the home page when they first sign up to Effortless Works.

Versus previous designs, the amount of information the user could upload was minimised to updating contact details, uploading CV and adding skills. We believed that these are essential information for a hiring manager to search through applicants. After the first release and receiving user feedback, we will focus on adding profile sections that prove in demand.

From a recruiter's perspective, their homepage would display the list of candidates on the platform. With the current active jobs postings they have created at the top of the page.

Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to review my work. If you like what you see, please don't hesitate to get in touch to collaborate. My contact details are available below.

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