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I acted as lead designer when Radically Digital were hired by Word on the Curb to complete a full 2 week discovery to research, uncover and design.


Radically Digital - Product Lead, Engineer and Design Lead.



2 Weeks.


Miro, Google Slides, Figma.

The Challenge

Group 33.png

Word on the Curb is a production house and marketing research agency that help brands reach out to minority communities. They hired Radically Digital to do a full discovery to design a platform that gathers market research on products from real users. A mobile app that gathered the user feedback and a responsive platform where the feedback was available were required to be designed.



During the first week of discovery we deep dived into research, aiming to get a full understanding of who the target user is, SQWAD's business model and understand  the competitor landscape. 

Design and Prototype 

I did initial sketches, and then focused on developing these into wireframes using Balsamiq and final screen designs using Figma. The final screens were turned into a clickable prototype.

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Next Steps 

The assets we produced created a strong vision for the next evolution of the business - productising their know-how and service they have been offering for years.


Value Proposition

We looked at what value does the business provide to its customers in terms of their pains, gains and jobs. We then considered these from the client’s perspective and how they could potentially utilise them.

Group 2220 (1).png

Looking at competitors from a brand, agency and community perspective.

From a brand and agency perspective, we looked at Find Out Now, One Pulse, #Paid and Birdeye. From a community perspective, we viewed Bulbshare, Tribe, #Paid and Imagen. For both, we conducted UX and UI audits of each in order to understand what is common industry practice and what’s considered novelty.

4 1.png
App Journey 2 1.png
1 2345679.png
Homepage 1 1.png

Two information architectures were created to support two different personas.

Group 2211.png

One user is the community, representing the participants and survey respondents.

The second user was the client, representing brands and agencies who want qualitative data from real people.

Group 2211 (1).png

Creating two products, focusing on the needs of two end-users.

The team focused on sketching key pages. After dot voting, select sketches were lined up for low fidelity wireframes.

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 16.21.png


X - 10.png
X - 2.png
X - 11.png
X - 15.png


Sign up.


Responding to a brief.

X - 36.png
X - 5.png
X - 27 1.png
X - 30 1.png


Getting rewards.

A key aspect of SQWAD from the community’s perspective was to have an overview of the rewards they have earned so far from completing briefs.

Desktop - 1 (1) 1.png
Sign up page 1.png


Sign up.

Project content.png
Sign up page (1).png


Creating a brief.

Reviewing Survey results-1 1.png
Reviewing Survey results 1.png


Viewing results.

A USP of SQWAD was to give clients access to qualitative feedback from real people. A key part about relaying this feedback was finding a clear and concise way of presenting back results.

The screens and prototypes created a strong vision for the next evolution of the business, leveraging their existing offering.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to review my work. If you like what you say please don't hesitate to get in touch using my contact details below. You can also explore more of my work below. 

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