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Working for Sook, the team identified ways to improve the whole customer experience, including a redesign of their existing website. 


Product lead, developers and design lead.


4 months.


Figma, Jira, Miro.

The Challenge

Sook offer short term commercial rental spaces. They were looking to improve their overall customer experience and indirectly improve the employee experience. With many prospective customers not fully understanding the Sook offering or the spaces available, the sales team had numerous touch points with the customer before completing a sale. We identified that there was a great opportunity to improve the display and available information on the website to save the customer and the sales team time.

User Centred Design



3 .
Live testing

To understand the existing user experience, we talked to internal stakeholders, did a UX audit of the existing website, conducted user interviews, and completed competitor research.

With all the research completed, as a team we began ideating, doing quick hand-drawn sketches. These were developed into high-fidelity screens and prototypes. I worked in parallel with the engineers, insuring all designs were feasible and user-centric.

With the flows built, we gathered feedback from existing customers, aiming to optimise the design.



Part of our research, we talked to stakeholders within the business on the sales and customer success team. Our goal was to know what were the most common questions they got from their customers and the pain points they saw with the existing website. We did a simple three step exercise, asking participants what works well on that particular page, what doesn't work, and what should the page start doing. 

Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 08.16.57.png
Our spaces.png

We conducted our own assessment of the existing userflows. Across the website, we identified there was a lack of clear value proposition.

Throughout the website there was a fixed sticky footer with a call to action to "Enquire Now" which didn't take into account the user's level of awareness of Sook.  

On the spaces overview page the map wasn't interactive, and it was difficult for the user to filter by location. 

The information available on the location cards was inconsistent, and users had to click on the space to be able to see more pictures.

For the specific space page, the information wasn't consistent with space missing details. 

Limited pictures covered by other elements were presented to the users, making it hard for them to get a feel of the space. 

Key information around price and availability wasn't displayed, meaning that the user would have to go back and forth with the user multiple times.

Space Page.png


We conducted user interviews with 5 participants, all existing customers of Sook. Our main goal from the interviews was to understand their experience of Sook, including booking and in-store, and the factors they considered when choosing a space to rent.



Once we had spoken to stakeholders and users, we did some competitor research. We looked at direct and indirect competitors. We identified elements we thought worked well and what could be improved.

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Arrow 4.png
Arrow 4.png

Gallery view with multiple pictures to give a better idea of the space.

Make the main purpose of the goal of the page a sticky button on mobile and move it to the side on desktop to be more prominent.

Provide more information on the location.

Arrow 3.png
Arrow 1.png

Can see multiple pictures before clicking into a space.

Arrow 4.png

With less spaces available, a map may not necessarily be the best approach to view as not comparing spaces in the same vicinity. 

Arrow 3.png


Sketch Ideation

Image from iOS (1).jpg
Image from iOS copy 2.jpg

High Fidelity Screens

With the initial sketches completed as a team, I worked on transforming them into high fidelity wireframes that could be changed into a prototype.

D - Home.png
Arrow 4.png

With most user's having little awareness of Sook, we wanted to get across Sook's main selling points in a digestible manner.

Arrow 4.png

The spaces cards changed to allow the user to see more pictures of the space before opening it and have key information visible as well.

Arrow 4.png

Sook described wanting a more playful and approachable brand. With that in mind, we created this component to highlight new spaces coming to market.

Arrow 4.png

Social proof was added to build the user's trust.

Arrow 4.png

The hero session was redesigned to focus on getting across Sook's value proposition to the user with minimal distraction.

Simplified the navigation at the top of the page, focusing on the key flows the user would take.

Arrow 4.png

Improving navigation to a  space

A key improvement to enquiring about a space was changing the overview of the space details page. Due to the small number of spaces, I introduced chips for the user to filter through them faster.

Making the key information available and easily digestable

A significant chunk of work was improving the space details page. After identifying from the user interviews the key pieces of information a user wants when deciding to book a space, I wanted to ensure that this information was available and displayed with an hierarchy that was intuitive.

On mobile, we also recognised that the CTA to enquire now could be more prominent and fixed to the bottom of the screen.


Build & iterate

Working closely with the developers and product lead, it was important to identify changes that could bring the most value to users and be low effort to implement. Following this process, designs were made to be iterative.


D - V1 Sook detail page.png


D - Sook  detail page V2.png
Desktop - 5.png


D - Sook  detail page.png

Working closely with the developers and product lead, it was important to identify changes that could bring the most value to users and be low effort to implement. Following this process, designs were made to be iterative.

Live testing 

Moderated user testing

We completed moderated remote testing with existing Sook customers on key flows to identify errors and elements to optimise. I led the sessions by encouraging participants to share their impressions of the screens as they saw them and focused on observing their reaction.

Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 19.24.16.png

Improve usability, making chevrons on the carousel more visible.

Changing the location and the unique selling point sentence around so the user can filter faster at a glance by location.

Screenshot 2022-07-20 at 11.02.32.png
Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 19.24.48.png

Changing the chips to represent regions instead of cities.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to review my work. If you like what you say please don't hesitate to get in touch using my contact details below. You can also explore more of my work below. 

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